Old hardware!

Had the pleasure of installing a good old box (pentium 200 with 64mb of ram and a 2gb disk) for a friend of mine who gives them to the lesser fortunate ppl. Was actually quite fun, since I didn’t remember half of the things i should have… typical.
Must say that obsolete operatingsystems work quite nicely on obsolete hardware ;p

On a totally unrelated sidenote, found this thing on the net today: The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army. Fun!

Pegasi Web Server (pws)

PWS is the Pegasi Web Server, written from scratch in Java.

The project started as a project for the course of Networking at the Hogeschool Gent, by members/founders of the PegasiLUG.


Everything is documented in the distribution archives. Please check there.


Any 100%-compatible Java Runtime Environment (this _excludes_ the Microsoft VM!).
A computer with TCP/IP networking installed. (nearly always the case)

Latest release

The last release is version 0.2.3, and can be downloaded here, from SourceForge.

phpComics 0.4

This is a collection of scripts that allow you to download complete archives of web-published comics.


First off, to actually run this script you must tell it where the php binary is. Edit phpcomics.php and modify the first line to #!/path/to/php4 -q. On Debian Sid, this is /usr/bin/php4.

Then, edit the script for the comic you want to download, modifying these parameters:

  • $start_year = start-year
  • $start_month = start-month
  • $start_day = start-day
  • $end_year = end-year
  • $end_month = end-month
  • $end_day = end-day

or you can leave them to their default settings, which will get everything from the start of the archive to the current date.


  • PHP
  • wget (optional but recommended)
phpcomics-0.4-1.tgz (87 downloads)


teleMon is a script that you can use to monitor transfer rates. Originally it was written to keep track of the usage on the Telenet ISP Network, but now phptelemeter can be used for that.



Edit the include/settings.inc.php file. Comments are included in this config file.
Edit the first line of getStats.php to reflect the path to the php cgi binary (e.g. #!/usr/bin/php)
Make sure getStats.php is executable! (else do chmod +x getStats.php)

The teleMon agent:

As root, install the following crontab:
0 * * * * /path/to/getStats.php

This will instruct crond to run getStats.php each hour to retrieve the statistics. If you want, you can change the interval to something else.

You will also have to install the script somewhere into your system’s shutdown procedure.

Prepare iptables

As root, run the setrules.sh script to install the needed iptable rules. This will have to be done each time the pc is rebooted, so I suggest installing this in your bootup scripts. (see your distributions manual for this)


Surf to the url where you installed the pages, after configuring the settings.inc.php file.


  • PHP
  • iptables

Latest release

The last release is version 0.9, and can be downloaded here, from SourceForge.

htmlpop! 0.5

This script allows you to download POP3 mailboxes over an HTTP interface. I wrote it to allow me to get my mail through the company’s http proxy server.


To install it, put the htmlpop.php script somewhere on a PHP4 enabled webserver.
Also, make sure the directory where you are installing this script has it’s permissions set so the user of the http process can write to it (usually making it world writable helps. Just don’t put anything of value in that directory!)


From any webbrowser (or file getting tool like wget), call the url as follows:


The script takes the following parameters:

  • popHost=<your POP3 server>
  • popUser=<your POP3 username>
  • popPass=<your POP3 password>

This will probably take a while (depending on the size of the mail in your mailbox), but after a while your browser should ask you where to store the file.

The file itself is an mbox-compatible file containing the contents of your mailbox.

htmlpop-0.5.tgz (98 downloads)