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Adding en_BE locale to Linux

less than 1 minute read

I live in Belgium, but I prefer english as my default locale. Using the en_US or en_GB locale brings problems of it’s own - not having the right system (metric) or wrong start of week day..

Automatically switching audio to HDMI on Linux

less than 1 minute read

One of the devices in the house has a micro-HDMI connecter which is used from time to time with our TV. Unfortunately Linux (pulseaudio) doesn’t switch automatically to the right audio, keeping the sound playing through the laptop speakers, instead of sending the audio across the HDMI link.

Adding the Xiaomi Roborock S7 to Home Assistant

1 minute read

We’ve had an iRobot Roomba 625 roving the house doing the vacuuming now for over two years and have been happy with having it around. It definitely helps keeping up the vacuuming, but it doesn’t do anything else.