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Dark theme in Flatpak apps

less than 1 minute read

To get flatpak’s to honor your systems dark mode and not show you horrible white menubars, you can use this little snipplet:

Deploying a Mastodon server on Oracle Cloud

2 minute read

I’ve been meaning to test out Mastodon again for a while. It’s is best described as a federated version of the blue bird platform (Twitter), while not being Twitter. No ads, no algorithms.

Disabling Home Assistant fallback DNS

less than 1 minute read

For some obscure reason the Home Assistant folks decided to add fallback DNS functionality to the Homeassistant Supervisor. This meant that it would fall back to using Cloudflare’s DNS servers if/when the DNS servers you regularly use weren’t responding or acting weird. That was done with good intent, but it is a breach of privacy, trust and giving up a part of local control - something Home As...