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Exit Synology

8 minute read

I have/had a Synology DS916+ NAS. This is an Intel based NAS with 4 disk bays, running on Synology’s Disk Station Manager - a nice piece of software that offers an easy way to manage the device, and run additional software on top of it.

Chromecast Radio with Home Assistant and Node-RED

4 minute read

Telenet, our local cable provider, decided that analog cable radio is dead and everyone should switch to either DAB (Digital Radio over the air) or DVB-C (Digital Radio via coaxial cable). For me, that’s a bit of an issue: DAB radio is fine, but requires good reception. Our house is rather well insulated so radio reception is crap at best DVB-C radio would require buying yet another device...

Using WireGuard on Synology DiskStations

less than 1 minute read

I used to use Synology VPN on my NAS (in OpenVPN mode) as an entrypoint into my local network when I’m away from home. This worked fine, up to a few weeks ago - at that point I kept getting AUTH FAILED errors, even though nothing had changed.