Testing out silicone sponges

less than 1 minute read

I was reading some stories (don’t ask my where anymore - might have been on reddit or Lifehacker) about silicone sponges to replace (the often gross) disposable sponges we used in the kitchen. Sounded like a great idea - something that you don’t need to throw away, that doesn’t become a bacterial warzone, durable.. but after trying it out I’ll be going back to the disposables.

This blog post “I Tried It: Goodbye Gross Disposables, Hello Silicone Sponge summarizes it nicely…

  • Wastes more soap/water - it just rinses off the sponge. It does the same with the bad bugs, but well…
  • Scrubbing is just a no go. No matter how much you try, it’s just not firm enough!
  • Breaks easily - the first sponge had several holes quickly enough. Might be because of the cheapo ones we got to try it out, though.