Using XMLTV with EyeTV

I bought an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid a while back, and I was using the service to get my EPG(Electronic Program Guide) data.

This, however, and unfortunately, stopped updating for Belgian channels on the 1st of january. Shitty, since I use that data to have EyeTV automatically record stuff for me. I’ve contacted tvtv, no reaction sofar.

Since the EyeTV has no other built-in EPG data supplier that I can use, I looked for an XMLTV grabber for Belgium. The grabbers that existed unfortunately didn’t work anymore because they depend on the website, which no longer allows screenscrapers. Bummer.

Fortunately, thanks to the magical interwebs, I stumbled on mc2xml, a Media Center TV Listings to XMLTV convertor. It downloads media center, titantv, or schedules direct tv listings and outputs an XMLTV formatted xml file, which I can feed to EyeTV. And now I have my schedule info again! ;)

Linux on the Apple Macbook

I was bored recently, and decided to install Linux on my Macbook. I opted for the distribution I like best – Debian (unstable/Sid).

After some twiddling it all works rather well, I’m amazed how well ;) Even suspend to ram works flawlessly! (that was a different case a year ago, when I last had linux on a laptop). The only things I still have to get working is the framebuffer console (so I get something better than 80×25), and the infrared. Nothing very high on the agenda, though :)

I’ve detailed the installation instructions in this post.