CoRD and xrdp

I was trying to get xrdp running on my Linux box, so I could takeover the screen from the outside world. The rdp protocol is a (huge) bit more performant than VNC, which is why I wanted to use it.

Today I was trying for the 3rd time to get it to work, using CoRD as an RDP client, but I never got any image back – the client started, I saw the connection being built up, but I never got any image over. Starting rdesktop locally gave me the output I expected.

This gave me the idea of using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2 Public Beta, to see if it might be a problem with the client… and yup, it is.

Seems CoRD 0.4.3 (the current stable) is unable to handle the output of xrdp. I now installed the 0.5 beta 1 which works without any problems.

Nokia 3109c (Symbian S40) and iSync…

I got a company phone, a Nokia 3109 Classic, which is nothing less nothing more than a standard company phone. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles I’d like to have, but it works.

What didn’t work, was iSync on this phone. Real bummer, since I was hoping to sync everything between iCal/Address Book and this phone…

Google to the rescue, and i stumbled over this blog posting by James Lloyd, detailing how to get it to work.


  1. Download the script here
  2. Right click iSync from the Applications folder in Finder and choose “Show Package Contents”
  3. Navigate to: Contents\Plugins\ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice\Contents\Plugins\Nokia-6131.phoneplugin and choose “Show Package Contents” again.
  4. Navigate to \Contents\Resources
  5. Replace the content of the MetaClasses.plist file with the content of the script downloaded in step 1
  6. (Re-)Setup your phone with your Mac


I can has weekend? Seems not.

This is not a good weekend. For me atleast…

  • Yesterday, an upgrade at work took longer than expected. Hence, had to call of external testing parties. Today I had to call them again, but most were not available. Joy for tomorrow.
  • Yesterday, windows decided to eat a partition which was on a Dynamic Disk. Scanned it today with GetDataBack, but only got half of my stuff back. No joy.
  • For some reason, parts of my linux installation broke themselves. No joy.
  • This morning, yet another thing broke at work, for obscure reasons. Even less joy.

Can this weekend be over and done already?

Copying files and dirs with tar

If you want to copy a bunch of files from one spot to another, but preserve links/permissions/ownership/…, it’s usually a big hassle.

With tar, you can make this hassle disappear!

Copying a directory tree and its contents to another filesystem using tar will preserve ownership, permissions, and timestamps. You can use pipe tar to another tar to prevent having to create an intermediate file to store the stuff you want to copy around.

To copy all of the files and subdirectories in the current working directory to the directory /destination, use:

tar cf - * | ( cd /destination; tar xfp -)

The first part of the command – tar – makes a tarball of all the files, and writes this to stdout. The second part of the command part will first change directory, and then extract the tarball in that location, reading from it’s stdin.

Since the cd and tar commands are contained within parentheses, their actions are performed together.

The p option in the tar command instructs tar to preserve the permission and ownership information, if possible. So if you want to move a lot of files around, it’s advisable to do so with the root user to keep all them permissions!

Wanna do drugs? Become a professional sportsperson!

I can get so goddamn annoyed at our local sport-crazy people…

The latest idiocy: Tom Boonen, a professional cyclist, has been caught (outside of a sports event) using cocaine. Using this drug is an offence, punishable by law.

What does our wonderful country do? “Oh, my, poor guy, he probably took it because he was so lonely… bad drugs! bad drugs! good Tom! Let’s make a martyr and a hero out of him, but most of all, let’s definitly not punish him!”

WTF?!? He’s just an idiot, who 1. doesn’t do SHIT for our country (he’s been living in Monaco since 2005, so we don’t really see any tax revenue from him), does harddrugs, and now says “I’m sorry” and everything is okay again?!?

His team is not gonna punish him. The government is not going to punish him. Luckely some other countries (thank you Switserland) have a bit more sense and banned him participating.

I really do hate this aspect of my country. Really really do.

Goodbye, Palm!

“Goodbye, my trusty Palm!
May you bring joy to your new owner and know many more years of use!”

… and there was much rejoicing …

(Yeah, I sold my Palm TX – Didn’t use it anymore since I got the E65…)

Yet Another Illogical Legal Conclusion (YAILC)

In another episode of totally wonky legal battles, eBay was found guilty of selling counterfeit Hermes handbags by a french court.

So, let me get this straight:

  • Person A sells something on eBay that’s a fake
  • Person B buys said fake
  • Person B finds out it’s a fake, and instead of taking it up with the seller attacks the company that’s a mere falicitator of online auctions…
  • … and the french courts follow him?!??
  • Me no comprendo.