Telenet pushed the button… and nothing happened

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Telenet drukt op de knop

Telenet has launched a big campaign, known as Telenet drukt op de knop (Telenet pushes the button) touting that their product line would be dramatically altered. Rumours flew around like a scrapping of the limits they impose, doubling of speeds, …

In the end, it’s basically just a big non-event: they multiplied the speed of their lowest subscription by 4, going from 256kbit to 1mbit… but keeping the ultra-low limit of 400 megabytes. Yes, that’s correct, megabytes.
They also increased the upload speed of the other subscriptions.

So now these people will be able to get a lot faster on smallband (56kbit connection), or buy blocks to increase their limits… and increase Telenet’s revenues - ofcourse!