Cars – part 2

Continuing from my previous post, I’ve now visited a bunch of car manufacturers:
(all cars are diesel fueled except the hybrid)

ToyotaAuris Luna Pack
(1.4 / 2.0)
+ Great outfit for lowish price
+ 5 years warranty
– Too narrow for two persons
– Finishing not really that
– 1.4 too weak, 2.0 too expensive
Prius Sol+ Great outfit
+ Ecologically sound
+ Geeky
– Automatic instead of manual shift
– Different way of driving
– Expensive

HondaCivic Comfort 2.2+ Very nice car
+ Great interior/exterior design
– Too costly in taxes…
Civic Hybrid+ Low emissions
– Trunk is too small
– Hybrid isn’t that useful if you always are in high RPM’s
KiaCee’d EX / Executive
1.6 CRDi 115hp
+ 7 years warranty!
+ Great outfit for low price
– Seats too hard
– Cheapish finish
MitsubishiColt 1.5 DiD InviteThe car reminds me of my parent’s 14-year old Mitsubishi… sturdy, and that’s it. Luxury is non-existant.
VolkswagenGolf On-Tour 1.9 105hp+ Sturdy and well finish
+ Custom-tailored
– Expensive
– Only 2 years warranty

Right now I’m doubting between the Kia and the Volkswagen… If the seats in the Kia hadn’t made my back hurt for the remainder of a day (after a 20 min drive) it would win hands-down, but now, it doesn’t…

(edit on 07/11/11: added the Prius)

Geen kerstgedoe voor 15 december!

No christmas stuff before december 15th!

The Radio 1 show Peeters & Pichal is keeping track of early christmas stuff appearing. The first things they did was opening a hot-line where people could report early sightings of christmas crap happening.

Now they’ve started (in cooperation with Humo) a sticker-action: No christmas stuff before december 15th!
Geen kerstgedoe voor 15 december!

It’s an action I support – It’s excessive that stores have already been putting up their christmas stuff since end of september!

Cars, cars, cars

I’m in the market for a car.

Why, you might ask? Because my future work will no longer give me a car to use. That’s fine, the payrise covers it (and more ;) )

The questions are:

  • what car?
  • new or second hand?

Half of my friends tell me to buy a new car (even my dad told me to buy a new one – I drive accident free, so why not). The other half of my friends tell me to buy a second-hand one, since a new one is ‘throwing away money’. They have a point too.

And what car to buy… I was doubting for a while to go with a Toyota Auris, but the space when sitting with two is too little, it feels very cheaply built and the engine ain’t that (the 1.4 diesel, the 2.0 is too expensive). So I scrapped Toyota, and right now the Volkswagen Golf (On-Tour edition) with extras. Very nice car, not cheap (unfortunately).

Tomorrow I’ll go and have a look at the Kia Cee’d and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

So, what do you (dear reader) think?

2600 – Off The Hook / Off The Wall radio show archive downloader

This script is a downloader for the entire archives of the 2600 radio shows Off The Hook and Off The Wall.

These radio shows are (ofcourse) © 2600. The script is mine :p


Download the script, gunzip it and run it. It will tell you the correct usage.

For example: ./get_2600_archive otw /tmp/offthewall


wget, sed, … the usual linux tools

get_2600_archive.gz (57 downloads)