arm-linux crosscompiling on Debian Sid

Here’s a simple howto on how to install an ARM crosscompiling environment on your Debian Unstable:

  1. Install crosscompiler packages from
  2. Create a virtual deb package extraction directory:
    1. Create the directory /usr/arm-deb
    2. Create the directory /usr/arm-deb/usr
    3. Create the following symlinks in /usr/arm-deb/usr:
      1. ln -s /usr/arm/bin /usr/arm-deb/usr/bin
      2. ln -s /usr/arm/lib /usr/arm-deb/usr/lib
      3. ln -s /usr/arm/include /usr/arm-deb/usr/include
      4. ln -s /usr/arm/share /usr/arm-deb/usr/share

    This will allow easy package extraction.

Now, download the packages you need manually (from and extract them in the directory using dpkg -x <package file> /usr/arm-deb

To compile something, you first have to add /usr/arm/bin to your path (export PATH=/usr/arm/bin:$PATH), set include paths to those include files (export CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/arm/include") and add
-host=arm-linux to your ./configure.

Happy compiling ;)

It’s oh so quiet…

Yeah, yeah, I know, that title is about the lamest I could come up with. It’s appropriate though – since yesterday evening the main source of background noise when my pc is on is no longer my pc! I finally decided to get that noisebucket tamed, after hearing my brother-in-law’s new computer (or better, the lack of hearing it).

I replaced my old Atrix C9001-C4  (pic) case (which looks cool but is not that cool, you get tired of those fancy leds VERY quickly) with an Antec Sonata III (pic), and replacing my old boxed AMD CPU cooler with a Scythe Katana 2 CPU cooler (pic).

The difference this made to my background noise level is amazing. The noisiest things now are my harddisks… let’s go find some mufflers!

What we’ve been doing…

Diana’s been here since the 27th of july, and we’ve been busy bees sofar ! Ofcourse the necessary amount of relaxing and just enjoying the time, too :)

We’ve replaced one of the closets with a new Ikea Billy closet, and are still looking to find a magnetic whiteboard that has been very elusive at best ;) every time the website says they have it, we go and it’s no longer there. Pout!

We also went to play catch-up with our movies: we’ve seen Pirates Of The Carribean: At World’s End (good), Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (good), Ratatouille (hilarious), Shrek the Third (could have skipped it), The Simpsons Movie (good) and Transformers (good but definitely not for kids).
(thank you Kinepolis and your cheap 100-days card!)

Diana’s cooked loads of lovely meals and also vegan cupcakes (weird ones (pic, pic) but oh so gooooooood)

We also bought three lovely cacti, which are currently flowering!

We’ve also made a short trip to Germany, to visit friends.

Diana had to go back to Spain, unfortunately, though …