Short German Trip

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It seems that visiting Germany is becoming a habit of ours during summer ;) This time we went to visit Laura, Christian and Lumi (and Fina, the cat) in Germany, last (long) weekend.

Diana and I left for Germany friday 17th, and after a rather boring 2.5 we ended up in Ratingen. We had a room booked in the Relexa hotel Ratingen City, a nice non-expensive hotel.

(I just want to add here that I absolutely hate their parking entry/exit machines. I got a static zap from them nearly every time! *growl*)

After checkin, we went our way to Frimmersdorf, in Grevenbroich, to visit our friends. It’s a lovely town, very very green. Lumi’s a very adorable little baby, and the cat is also a fun creature :p Always hunting for flies, to the dismay of Laura and Christian ;)
We talked a lot, had some takeaway pizza and salad, and left around midnightish.

Next day we met up with Gundel, a knitty-friend of Diana, in Düsseldorf. We went to a cute yarnshop (called Woll – Duo, in Schamhorstraße 16), where Diana bought some lovely yarn: a skein of Opal Neon, two skeins of OnLine Supersock Silk, and a ball of mystery yarn.
After that we went for a walk through the city itself, grabbed a quick lunch there (great japanese stall in the basement of a mall), headed back to the hotel, and afterwards went with our friends to the Lantern Procession in Wevelingenhoven. Very cute, and very strange ;)

On sunday we first (ab)used the wellnesscentre in the hotel (which they were so nice as to open especially for us), and in the afternoon we went to the AquaZoo in Düsseldorf. Straaaange fish. Straaaaaaaaanger bugs. But educational, and fun too ;)
There’s a lovely park around the aquazoo too, in which we walked for quite a while before heading over to our friends’ place, and having some chinese takeaway for dinner.

Monday we had to leave again for Belgium, but we did a short sidestop in Die Wollfabrik, where Diana hoarded fiber for spinning and pretty rosewood sock knitting needles.

The pics of the trip can be found here.