48 Things You Could Care Less About

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I saw it from my SO’s site, so I’m gonna include it here!

  1. First Name: Jan
  2. Were you named after anyone? Not really. My father has a rather dull sense of names, and so well, I have a fairly common name in Belgium!
  3. When did you last cry? The last time I had to go back from Spain to Belgium…
  4. Do you like your handwriting? It’s usually a bit messy, but I can write cleanly and properly if it’s not for me ;)
  5. What is your favourite lunchmeat? I have no idea. I don’t eat ‘lunch meats’ to be honest.
  6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I have no idea. I think i’m pretty obnoxious at times, so .. you tell me?
  7. Do you have a journal? This ‘semi blog’ only.
  8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yep, all of them.
  9. Would you bungee jump? Yep, wanna try it one day. No idea what day, but someday :p
  10. What is your favourite cereal? Müsli, müsli, müsli and müsli!
  11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope.
  12. Do you think you are strong? Depends which kind of strong you mean. Physically? Yep. Mentally? Depends on the day. You probably wouldn’t notice if I wasn’t, though.
  13. What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Vanillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  14. Shoe size: 41 (european).
  15. Red or pink? Red. Definitely NOT pink.
  16. What is the least favourite thing about yourself? I don’t know. There are several things I don’t like about myself, but well, the least favourite… no idea…
  17. Who do you miss the most? My girlfriend. Some friends from the past.
  18. Do you want everyone to send this back to you? Feel free to link and put a comment here.
  19. What colour pants, shirt and shoes are you wearing? Black pants (thin cotton), dark red tee, and brown sandals on the floor.
  20. Last thing you ate? Cheddar cheese, homemade bread and french fish soup.
  21. What are you listening to right now? A speech going on in Startrek Enterprise :p
  22. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? a crayon that constantly changes colour to the colour you don’t want it to be at that time!
  23. Favourite smell: The smell of a storm. Of very very heavy rainfall in a forest.
  24. Who was the last person you talked with on the phone? Someone from work.
  25. The first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? Hair, eyes and their ‘special manners’. Everyone behaves in his or her own way, and you’d be amazed how much you can pick up if you pay attention.
  26. Do you like the person you stole this from? I didn’t steal it, I asked politely! And yes, I like the person I got this from very much ;)
  27. Favourite drink: Water, coffee, tea. Capuccinno!
  28. Favourite sport: Cycling, swimming. To watch: any sport where things crash into walls :p
  29. Eye colour: Grey. Blue? Bluegrey?
  30. Hat size: If you really wanna know I can go check, I have a hat somewhere. It’s even a fancy Borsalino hat! But now I’m genuinely too lazy.
  31. Do you wear contacts? Yep.
  32. Favourite food: Anything my girlfriend cooks! I love those! And mum’s spaghetti, ofcourse ;)
  33. Scary movies or happy endings? I prefer happy endings.
  34. .. ?
  35. Summer or winter? Winter! I prefer the cold weather, with a fireplace and candles and snow and…
  36. Hugs or kisses? Both from good friends and family. I don’t do that with strangers.
  37. Favourite dessert: Anything that’s sweet, but not too sweet! And not too heavy either. Dunno… Vanilla pudding?
  38. Who is more likely to respond? ET! (what are we talking about here?)
  39. Least likely to respond? Captain Kirk! (does it show I don’t get this question?)
  40. What books are you reading? The Engineering Guide to Red Hat 3, and the Narnia Books.
  41. What’s on your mouse pad? What’s that? Can you eat it?
  42. What did you watch last night on TV? A part of a very crappy show called “Beauty and the nerd” which is a very very very big debasement of females and males alike.
  43. Favourite sounds: Silence. Birds. The laugh of my gf!
  44. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles!
  45. The furthest you’ve been from home? That would be Greece. Or Schotland? Nah, Greece.
  46. What’s your special talent? People seem to want to talk to me all the time. And I’m very patient (so they say…)
  47. Where were you born? Aalst.
  48. Who sent this to you? Noone. I appropriated it to myself after consulting with my lawyer.

So, have fun filling this and sending me a linky!