April 2006

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Saturday, 8th
On saturday, I went to pick up Diana, and we drove straight on to Ikea in Zaventem, to look for some general stuff and to check out their couch department. We decided on the Lund Valla couch (the red one), which comes in a handy do-it-yourself package :D It’s very comfy, you do need the pillows tho. Otherwise the back is a bit hard.

We also bought all kinds of stuff for the dyeing of the fabrics for the midieval clothing – a spoon, pincers, and a big plastic trashcan.

After Ikea shopping we went to the local Delhaize, bought some foodstuffs (for dinner and for Diana over the days I have to work), and we prepared dinner consisting of mushrooms, onion, coconut milk, and seitan fillet. Verrrrry good!

At night we watched the first part of Chicken Little, Diana fell nearly asleep halfway :)

Sunday, 9th
On sunday we went to visit Chris and Joke in their new house in some obscure place called Zedelgem, where we finally got after getting detoured plenty. It’s a nice place, which needs some work still tho. Mostly painting, putting in floors and so.
Unfortunately, Diana had a rather nasty allergical reaction to the cat :/ we got the local doctor, who gave her some injections, and she was better after that… bad cat! Bad bat cat! Come here so I can spank you!

After she was better we went home, made our choice for the take-away chinese, I went to pick it up, we ate and watched the second part of Chicken Little.

Monday, 10th
I had to work the early shift (from 7am until 3pm), afterwards we dragged down the old couches (being three: a one-seat, a two-seater and a corner piece), and got rid of them. After this (sweaty) labour, we drove off to Ikea to get our new couch! We got the last one (lucky us :p) and some more stuff for the dyeing (glass pot, really :p).
When we went to ask for home delivery – but it was helluva expensive! (almost 1/3rd of the price of the couch!). They told us about the option to rent a car from them and transport it home that way – which we did, it saved us 75e! Diana had to sit in the back tho (in the ‘trunk’ of the van) since the couch had to be folded to fit the packages, but we got it home!

After getting home, we put the veggy lasagna in the oven (to unfreeze/cook) and assembled our couch (yes, it comes with assembly instructions, and a nearly impossible-to-fit fabric), and then tested it while watching the extras of Chicken Little.

Tuesday, 11th
On tuesday I had to work the late shift (11am until 7pm). At home we ate bread and so, and then we watched Wallace & Gromit and The Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Very fun movie!

“Cheese, Gromit!” :p

Wednesday, 12th
I had to work until 3pm, and then we had a lovely lunch prepared by Diana at home :) A mix of broccoli, beans, onion, carrot, garlic, spicy tofu and yellow noodles, with a tofu – coconut milk sauce. Gotta love the inventions. (which I do. Very much even. Mjummmmmmm! :D :D)

We prepared the dye in the airtight glass pot (from Ikea), and let it rest for dyeing tomorrow. (for more on the dyeing, see Diana’s Blog)

In the evening we went to the Kinepolis Gent movie theatre to watch Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, a really fun movie! I do pity Scrat… He was so close!
We had some nachos with cheese (Gromit!) sauce and jalapeños (spicy hot) there too.

Afterwards we drove off to the Chinese to pick some takeaway, and had it at home while watching the extra’s from Wallace and Gromit.

Thursday, 13rd
We slept in this day, and after brunch started dyeing the first part of the fabric (which will later become my tunic).

In the afternoon we went to get some shopping done. Diana finally hit the sales (50% off!) and the summer season “preview”. Retail therapy ;) I also got me some hard-needed new pants, and a new belt. The old one is getting a bit… old :p

We spend the evening at home, watching Red Dwarf – Season VIII.

Friday, 14th
On friday we got up a bit earlier, and dyed Diana’s fabric – which was originally a bit brownish (bottom one in the picture), into a green/blue colour. Looks very nice :)

After doing that, we drove off to Brussels to go to the Albert Einstein Expo in Tour & Taxis, a fun and very informative expo about Albert Einstein’s life and his connections with Belgium. Lets not forget it was interactive. Buttons to play with things and look and touch and experiments! Buttons!!! Buuuutooooooons!!! Pushedy push!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! </kiddy>

After this we got ourself some lunch at the Green Kitchen snackbar close to work (and ergo close to Tour & Taxis), and then drove off to the Atomium, which has been renovated and is now again open to the public. There was a _huge_ queue, but we got in in the end. Unfortunately it’s a bit expensive for what it is – you only get in about 4 balls, and there wasn’t that much to see… Maybe it’ll get better when it’s completely finished, they were still doing some works around it.

In the evening we went to Bankok City, a local Thai restaurant were we’ve been before – and had a lovely dinner there, and back home we watched the first episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th century. Which is fun, but looks oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold :p

Saturday, 15th
This day we didn’t do much… just pack everything up, cuddle, and then in the evening off to the airport to see Diana off…