phptelemeter 1.10 released

I’ve just released phptelemeter 1.10. This release includes the following changes:

  • New feature: phptelemeter can now check if there’s a new version available. It only loads the url found in, so no worries. If you don’t like it, just disable it and it won’t do anything.
  • New feature: proxy support, with new keys. Please check the README.
  • Slight spelling corrections
  • Implemented (untested) start of other platform compatibility
  • Corrected telemeter_web parser for changes in the Telemeter web page
  • Fixed wrongly used obsolete daily parameter when using –daily
  • Patched NuSOAP library to allow http proxy connections (didn’t work earlier)

As per usual, you can download it from SourceForge.

Not dead yet

Hmmm.. what can I say, after being ‘away’ for this long :) I just didn’t know what to post, or didn’t think of it usually.

Nothing much happened meanwhile. I spent Newyears in Madrid, I went there again in February and will do so on March 16th…

I also got the latest album of Neil Young, titled Prairie Wind which is very good actually :)

Other than that, most things are going spiffy. I’m going to start into a new project for work soonish, only if I could find a way to be with Diana more it’d be purrfect.