phptelemeter 1.00 released!

I’ve just released phptelemeter 1.00. The first ‘stable’ *cough*

Here’s the changelog leading up from the very first version to this version ;)


  • Bugfix: parameter should be show_resetdate, not show_reset_date
  • Tagged as 1.0, testing reveiled no more bugs and it’s about time for a ‘full’ version ;)


  • Renamed the daily configuration file option to show_daily
  • Added new configuration file option show_reset_date
  • Added the GPL license
  • Made comment style more uniform throughout the code


  • Documentation updates
  • Finally was able to fix the telemeter4tools parser, since the URL is back online.
  • Fixed some small discrepancy in the telemeter_web parsing rules.
  • Added short-form command line options, and made command-line options case sensitive.


  • Added option show_graph (and command line –graph) to show (or not) the transfer graphs
  • Moved some common code to functions


  • Moved the calculation of the values to the main program instead of the parsers
  • Fixed problems with the telemeter_web parser and ‘big’ accounts.
  • Fixed problems with the telemeter_web parser when there was mentioning ‘free’ traffic on the telemeter site (Last two thanks to extensive testing by YvesDM)


  • Fixed a bug in the multi-account handling of the telemeter_web parser, thanks to YvesDM for reporting this.


  • Changed telemeter4tools parser to use the new SOAP url
  • Changed the publishers to reflect the new telemeter
  • Updated the NuSoap library
  • Updated the telemeter_web parser to be usable on the new pages.
  • Added more debugging code.


  • Bugfix release: wrong variable was passed in the getNeededModules() code.
  • PHP’s error reporting level will be set to E_ERROR | E_WARNING at start of the script.


  • Implemented output publishers and moved existing output framework to that which adds:
    • publisher_plaintext
    • publisher_machine
  • Removed all useage of global();
  • Moved php module lists to the correct modules
  • Added publisher_html
  • Added workaround for telemeter endpoint b0rkage – telemeter4tools lives again!

0.23 (never released)

  • Since the telemeter4tools will automatically be ‘restored’ once Telenet fixes their SOAP url it’s not an issue to delay this release.
  • Added support for systemwide phptelemeterrc file (in /etc/)
  • Added –new-config parameter to make a dummy config file in the current directory.


  • Fixed telemeter_web parser b0rkage because of changes to the telemeter webpage. telemeter4tools parser is still broken…


  • Fixed statistic reporting miscalculation in telemeter_web module


  • Added possibility to put phptelemeter ‘systemwide’ and still find the modules ;p


  • Added Telemeter4Tools compliance
  • phptelemeter is now extensible with custom made datafeeders!


  • Fixed parsing of the telenet telemeter pages


  • Added functionality to dump output in files instead of stdout.


  • Updated human output to take volume exceeding into account.


  • Added check for needed php modules


  • Added support to query multiple accounts


  • Several small bugfixes.
  • Better output layout too.


  • Initial Release

As per usual, you can download it from SourceForge.

Newyear in Madrid

I spent my newyears in Madrid, went there the 28th (evening). After an uneventful flight, we went to Diana’s place, didn’t do much and went to sleep.

The 29th we first went to check into the hotel, did the grocery shopping in El Corte Ingles. We bugged the cheese-salesperson because we needed a fondue cheese mix that contained no cow cheese… he was so kind to find a mix, try it out if it melted well, and gave us a nice cheesy mix.
In the evening we met up with a good friend of ours (who’s a member of the Marmotfish Studios and who gave us a copy of Freakmen 451 – very cute magazine!). We walked around a while, I lost me bankcard in an ATM (when it gave my card back I couldn’t reach it *sniff* so I pushed it back in completely with another card), and had dinner at Ginos.

The next day we went to the jokes market on the Plaza Mayor – all kinds of fun masks, wigs, and whatnot – strange people those madrileños! Afterwards we went home and were lazy…

On newyearseve we stayed home all day, Diana killed the chicken like a pro and stuffed it with a lovely Mixed Mushroom and Sweet Potato Stuffing.
Around midnight we exchanged some gifts… I got a ton of them *blush*

The first of the new year we didn’t do anything really. Not that there was anything to do – we stayed at home/hotel and were lazy :p

On the 2nd of january we went shopping for a cute fondue set for making a fondue sometime during the next days. Really the only thing we did. Yeah, we’re lazy :P

The next day (3rd) we went to a lovely Artisans market in Madrid, where I bought a penguin shaped candle for myself, and a 1/12″ doggie for mum.
In the evening we had to rushrush because I decided last-minute to buy a portable dvd player for on the hotel and on the flights – so they’re less boring.

The 4th of january we didn’t do much. Diana made a very tasty ciabatta at home, which we ate with the lovely cheese fondue in the evening. Diana also made the beginning of the Roscon de Reyes – traditional cake for the three wisemen day.

The fifth we finished the actual Roscon, and it came out very nice! Other than that, it was really quiet that day, as it also was the the sixth… the sixth I had to leave unfortunately, and I miss Diana very much…

(ps: pics are here)