July meeting!

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Last thursday, the 30th of June to be precise, Diana landed back in belgium :) After going through hell traffic we got home, spent a quiet evening there. We watched The Tuxedo) and went to sleep.

Friday the 1st, our anniversary day :p we moved out to Ghent for some relaxing days in the Ghent River Hotel, a nice ‘old-style-ish’ hotel near the River in Ghent (as you probably would have guessed by the name ;p). We did some impromptu walking about in the city, and then moved off to Brussels to go to the vegeterian restaurant L’Element Terre, one of the really cute real vegetarian restaurants in Belgium. We got lost going there tho, driving off on the wrong side on the ring around Brussels.. *shame* but we got there in the end.

On saturday we got out of bed late, had a small meal (Diana had poffertjes! and I had an omelette), and we went to Wellnesscentre Bijtebier in Drongen, where we spent a lovely 4 hours in different sauna’s, turkish steambath, swimming pool, jacuzzi, bubblebath, and a good backmassage too :)
Totally relaxed we went to the veggy eathouse Panda in Ghent, and afterwards met up with Chris and his girlfriend for Sin City, a weird black/white/red/yellow movie ;p take your pick of the color you like best ;p
Afterwards we went for a drink on the Friday market, where we basically closed the only ‘decent’ pub that was still open (djeez, everything closed at 1am…), going to bed around 3am.

Sunday ‘morning’ (more around noon) we left the hotel and went for pasta brunch on the friday market (goooood paaaasta ;p too much tho). We walked about a bit in the city and then went home to felicitate my sister for her birthday, and hand over presents.. and eat pancakes! Mjummy mjummy pancakes ;p and lots of them *g*
In the evening we went to Pinocchio, a true traditional Italian pizzeria, with veeery good handmade pizza’s (watch the chef while you wait), good wine, deliceous desserts.. *daydreaming* that was so good :)
Afterwards, trip back to the hotel and a relaxing night :)

On monday we signed out of the hotel, stuffed our stuff in the car, went home, and had a quiet day really. We went out to Aalst to buy some fresh veggies and other assorted stuff, and Diana cooked a great dinner at home :)
We did get some rather bad burns from ze evil polenta, but well, one’s gotta pay for good food…

Tuesday I had to go to work, and after getting home we walked around the rustique environment of Erembodegem (looking at the house-styles too, some ppl make weiiiiird buildings). We watched part of Princess Mononoke, a sort of classic anime, and went to sleep.

Wednesday we went first to my work’s offices in Capelle aan de Ijssel in the Netherlands to pick up a shipment, and went through to Rotterdam. Damn weird city, weird streets and too many roadsigns! We did some impromptu shopping at Albert Hein, went home and Diana cooked a lovely dinner for us both (I did help a little bit ;p)

On thursday I had to work again, and in the eve we went off to the cinema to go watch Madagascar! Great ‘kiddy’ movie! I like to move-it move-it!

Friday we met up with Kim (a good friend) in Ghent, and went to the Quetzal Chocolate-bar in Ghent and had a veeery good Chocolate fondue there. After that we walked around Ghent a bit more (shopping streets!), bought some general stuff (including a Belgian mobile + prepaid card for Diana ;p), had an icecream and went home again.

On saturday we had a big family meeting, lots of people (14 in total!), with cake, cheese, bread, … which basically took nearly all day.

And finally on sunday Diana had to go home again.. It’s been short, yet felt long, but too short all the time. Sad to see her go again.. but she’s back in August :D :D