26th.. Back to Belgium

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Fenfen dragged us along to see some more nice viewpoints around Saarland, and old castle that was preserved more or less up a hill< insert name here >. From the tower you have a very lovely view of the surroundings :) During the walk down we did some impromptu-footballing with a rock, which unfortunately had to stay behind near the bottom of the walk.

After this we went to a < insert name here > old tower that’s the burial place of a few members of the Bochs family (which is way to rich), with a nice park around it. There was some strange ‘modern art’ thing there too that was supposed to depict nature or something. I didn’t really get it ;p

After this we went to < yet another place > with some vantage viewpoints where you can see the ‘loophole’ in the river Saar.

In the end we took off for Belgium once again, standing in some traffic jams, and having fun with a bus full of kiddies trying to catch the attention of the drivers, until one point Diana stuck out her tongue and they were mostly amazed ;p

For dinner we went to a little place called K-roes-L, where we had big buckwheat pancackes filled with goat cheese and tomatoes…. toooo goood and tooooo much ;)
After dinner we went to see Robots, which is a really funny movie to see ;p