Crucifictions on the 25th

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This fine day we went with Fenfen to Saarlouis, his hometown, a small quiet town next to Saarbrücken. First we went to see the Teufelsburg, which translates to “The Devil’s Castle”. There are some midieval organisations that use this as a place for their campments or to perform acts, which can be found here. Afterwards we went into the city itself for a quick dinner, and moved on because Fenfen needed to get ready for his role in the Passionplay of Christ (pics), during which he was flogged (tho only with woolen floggers – booooooooooo! We want our money back! ;p) and then crucified, tho as you can see on the pics he didn’t really die of it ;p

A pity it was all in german, so I got only little of it, but it was fun ;)

Afterwards we went along with the crew for a drink and a piece of (coldish) pizza, and in the eve we (once again) opted for dinner at the Pizza Hut, a veggy salad this time tho.