24th.. Germany, here we come!

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Today we ran off to Germany, Saarbrücken to be more precise, which we reached in about 4,5 hours, driving in turns and taking a pitstop here and there to refuel / restock. We also had the honor of having some lovely traffic jams due to roadworks in the province of Luxembourg, but we got there in the end.

We were staying at the Mercure Hotel Kongress Saarbruecken, a very nice place which they’re currently busy refitting completely (adding new bathrooms, better windows, …. you know, the whole interior decoration crap. No, you don’t have to stay in a half-finished room ;p)
Afterwards we heard that it’s actually _the_ most posh and luxurious hotel around *g*

While waiting for a good friend of ours (Fenfen) we went to explore a bit of the smallish city, and stopped by a local snack-kiosk to get (do’h!!) a snack: a croissant with a certain chocolaty filling, really good… mjummyyy……


With Fenfen we explored the city further, going down the big shopping street (Bahnhofstraße), then over the river Saar until we reached the ruins of the old castle of Saarbrücken. We went for a quick visit to the local museum, and drove around a bit afterwards but finally decided on going back to the hotel.

For dinner we went to a local Pizza Hut and had mjummy veggie pizza :)