23rd, and a faim fatale!

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This fateful day we met up with an old friend of mine (actually, ex-gf *panic*) in Ghent, were we had lunch at a cute little bar, then walked over to a deliceous Chocolate Bar (mjummy choco milkshakes… *melt*). And the two girls had lots of fun (I wonder what they’re planning against me… *runs away in terror* *g*)

In the eve we ate ate the Faim Fatale restaurant (came recommended in the Belgium Guide); a small but inventive eating place where we had “Open Lasagna”, which is basically a lasagna but not ‘prepared’ in layers as per usual, but more like two layers of pasta with all the ingredients in between. Very mjummy!

For dessert Diana had a Chocolate Mousse (which was close to – if not _the_ best chocomousse I’ve ever tasted… so succulent and melting and …mmmmmmmmmm…..), I had a Dame Blanche (which is vanilla icecream with hot molten chocolate)