22st! Something something!

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We went to see the city of Ostend today, which is one of the coastal cities of Belgium. We had some bad weather for starters, but it cleared out pretty quickly. And most of all: it was _quiet_. ;) We walked along the coastal line for some km, enjoying the sounds of the sea and the refreshing winds ;)

We had a coffee and pancakes at the pub ‘Au Penguin’. Very mjummy pancakes, and loose tea :~ and the glasses for Fanta were really original! (damn, forgot to take a pic of them, sowwy). Bought a good map too (for the trip to Germany).

Afterwards we went home and spent a quiet evening there watching a part of Jabberwocky, a crazy movie of the Monthy Python crew. Okay, we fell asleep halfway ;p so we didn’t see it completely :)