19th.. Diana’s here!

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After picking Diana up from the airport, we went to Ikea in Zaventem to pick up some stuff we’d need for home still (living with two requires organizing). After that we went to Brussels (you know, capital city of our pocketsized country called Belgium ;p) which unfortunately was crowded due to a general strike by the labour unions with the oncoming TOP-meeting of the EU in brussels. I must say it seemed more like a carnaval fair than a protestmarch, with the drinking stands and a live concert, but I guess that’s just me.

A quick stop at FNAC’s for a book (Lonely Planet‘s Belgium & Luxembourgh travel guide. Full of handy tips and everything ;) We also made some little shopping at Ikea for some stuff I still needed to take over Jan’s room :D

We had a quiet eve otherwise, spent some time unpacking, and then we had dinner at a lovely spicy Thai restaurant called Bankok city. Damn hot food! Very sweet in the beginning, but how it burnt in the end… My tongue went numb :~