26th.. Back to Belgium

Fenfen dragged us along to see some more nice viewpoints around Saarland, and old castle that was preserved more or less up a hill< insert name here >. From the tower you have a very lovely view of the surroundings :) During the walk down we did some impromptu-footballing with a rock, which unfortunately had to stay behind near the bottom of the walk.

After this we went to a < insert name here > old tower that’s the burial place of a few members of the Bochs family (which is way to rich), with a nice park around it. There was some strange ‘modern art’ thing there too that was supposed to depict nature or something. I didn’t really get it ;p

After this we went to < yet another place > with some vantage viewpoints where you can see the ‘loophole’ in the river Saar.

In the end we took off for Belgium once again, standing in some traffic jams, and having fun with a bus full of kiddies trying to catch the attention of the drivers, until one point Diana stuck out her tongue and they were mostly amazed ;p

For dinner we went to a little place called K-roes-L, where we had big buckwheat pancackes filled with goat cheese and tomatoes…. toooo goood and tooooo much ;)
After dinner we went to see Robots, which is a really funny movie to see ;p

Crucifictions on the 25th

This fine day we went with Fenfen to Saarlouis, his hometown, a small quiet town next to Saarbrücken. First we went to see the Teufelsburg, which translates to “The Devil’s Castle”. There are some midieval organisations that use this as a place for their campments or to perform acts, which can be found here. Afterwards we went into the city itself for a quick dinner, and moved on because Fenfen needed to get ready for his role in the Passionplay of Christ (pics), during which he was flogged (tho only with woolen floggers – booooooooooo! We want our money back! ;p) and then crucified, tho as you can see on the pics he didn’t really die of it ;p

A pity it was all in german, so I got only little of it, but it was fun ;)

Afterwards we went along with the crew for a drink and a piece of (coldish) pizza, and in the eve we (once again) opted for dinner at the Pizza Hut, a veggy salad this time tho.

24th.. Germany, here we come!

Today we ran off to Germany, Saarbrücken to be more precise, which we reached in about 4,5 hours, driving in turns and taking a pitstop here and there to refuel / restock. We also had the honor of having some lovely traffic jams due to roadworks in the province of Luxembourg, but we got there in the end.

We were staying at the Mercure Hotel Kongress Saarbruecken, a very nice place which they’re currently busy refitting completely (adding new bathrooms, better windows, …. you know, the whole interior decoration crap. No, you don’t have to stay in a half-finished room ;p)
Afterwards we heard that it’s actually _the_ most posh and luxurious hotel around *g*

While waiting for a good friend of ours (Fenfen) we went to explore a bit of the smallish city, and stopped by a local snack-kiosk to get (do’h!!) a snack: a croissant with a certain chocolaty filling, really good… mjummyyy……


With Fenfen we explored the city further, going down the big shopping street (Bahnhofstraße), then over the river Saar until we reached the ruins of the old castle of Saarbrücken. We went for a quick visit to the local museum, and drove around a bit afterwards but finally decided on going back to the hotel.

For dinner we went to a local Pizza Hut and had mjummy veggie pizza :)

23rd, and a faim fatale!

This fateful day we met up with an old friend of mine (actually, ex-gf *panic*) in Ghent, were we had lunch at a cute little bar, then walked over to a deliceous Chocolate Bar (mjummy choco milkshakes… *melt*). And the two girls had lots of fun (I wonder what they’re planning against me… *runs away in terror* *g*)

In the eve we ate ate the Faim Fatale restaurant (came recommended in the Belgium Guide); a small but inventive eating place where we had “Open Lasagna”, which is basically a lasagna but not ‘prepared’ in layers as per usual, but more like two layers of pasta with all the ingredients in between. Very mjummy!

For dessert Diana had a Chocolate Mousse (which was close to – if not _the_ best chocomousse I’ve ever tasted… so succulent and melting and …mmmmmmmmmm…..), I had a Dame Blanche (which is vanilla icecream with hot molten chocolate)

22st! Something something!

We went to see the city of Ostend today, which is one of the coastal cities of Belgium. We had some bad weather for starters, but it cleared out pretty quickly. And most of all: it was _quiet_. ;) We walked along the coastal line for some km, enjoying the sounds of the sea and the refreshing winds ;)

We had a coffee and pancakes at the pub ‘Au Penguin’. Very mjummy pancakes, and loose tea :~ and the glasses for Fanta were really original! (damn, forgot to take a pic of them, sowwy). Bought a good map too (for the trip to Germany).

Afterwards we went home and spent a quiet evening there watching a part of Jabberwocky, a crazy movie of the Monthy Python crew. Okay, we fell asleep halfway ;p so we didn’t see it completely :)

21st… Monday monday…

Today after my work (waaaaay to early to get up.. *snif*) we went to act like little children in Mini Europe, a place with tons of scale models of great sights (and sometimes sounds!) of the European countries. Unfortunately several models weren’t finished yet when we went there, but that’s okay. After spending more than an hour in that place (ooh! A button! *push* *bark! bark bark!*) we walked about the Brupark where you can find some little shops but mostly eating/drinking places. We opted for eating at a chinese there called Asia City – friendly staff, food was good. Afterwards we picked along the movie Constantine and went home.

20th.. Battice, here we come

Today we went to Battice – Vervies, to a whiskey festival, where the pipeband I play in played several times. It was okay, prolly more fun if you’re a fan of whiskey ;p which, for the record, I’m not really. After a tiring day we went back home again, and had a quiet eventing at home. Nothing much, really.

19th.. Diana’s here!

After picking Diana up from the airport, we went to Ikea in Zaventem to pick up some stuff we’d need for home still (living with two requires organizing). After that we went to Brussels (you know, capital city of our pocketsized country called Belgium ;p) which unfortunately was crowded due to a general strike by the labour unions with the oncoming TOP-meeting of the EU in brussels. I must say it seemed more like a carnaval fair than a protestmarch, with the drinking stands and a live concert, but I guess that’s just me.

A quick stop at FNAC’s for a book (Lonely Planet‘s Belgium & Luxembourgh travel guide. Full of handy tips and everything ;) We also made some little shopping at Ikea for some stuff I still needed to take over Jan’s room :D

We had a quiet eve otherwise, spent some time unpacking, and then we had dinner at a lovely spicy Thai restaurant called Bankok city. Damn hot food! Very sweet in the beginning, but how it burnt in the end… My tongue went numb :~


Okay, I added some more of our recipes to the recipe book. Totalling 341 recipes \o/ ;p

I guess I’ll have to get around to making a comment possibility on those and perhaps adding a way for pics and .. and… and….

*panic* so much work ;p