Trip in October…

Last week I went back to Spain to visit my girl – it was an overall quiet and relaxed stay, we didn’t really do much – except making american style pancakes (thick ones) *mjumm* and we went to an Indian restaurant, the Taj where we tried the Chicken Vindaloo (Red Dwarf anyone?).

Sad to go, but I’m going back! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! On the 8th of november!

What I’ve been doing…

What have I been doing the last times… well…

1. I flashed my Moto phone with the latest stable firmware, and it still works, and I’ve got video recording and more speed and a searchable addressbook and .. and.. Well, you know – flashing it made me sweat beyond belief (like OMG is it going to work? or not? *panic*)

2. I bought some RedHat books for Enterprise Linux 3 and maybe getting the certificates for RHCT and RHCE.. and whatever. I’ll see – studying time.

3. I changed the blogging software we use on the website (which is the site of Diana and me) from sphpblog to WordPress, which seems to be a bit more maintained. We decided to move after Diana’s sphpblog got hacked, and well.. her new blog is now up at and her site is now at :P (and yes it looks great :)
I’ve also ‘modded’ an existing plugin for WordPress and made a sphpblog to WP convertor: you can find those below.

4. I’ve gone back to Spain on the meanwhile too, but for that you’d better see our blog. Not gonna repeat that here. I’m WAY too lazy :p

5. I’ve gotten my girl her birthday present, it looks nice :p and I’ll say later what it is because she also reads this blog *g* :P

6. I nearly finished painting my new livingroom! Just need to throw out a bunch of crap more and paint the place that’s used by that crap, but that’ll hopefully be done in two-three weeks.. I have 12h-shifts the whole week next week, and no time in the weekends, and then going back to spain for a week, and then… well… we’ll see :p

That’s about it! (122 downloads) (128 downloads) (113 downloads)

September in Spain

On tuestday, 20 september I took the plane (yes, I gave it back ;p) once again to spain, to visit Diana :) :)

After a pretty boring flight (but good inflight menu) landing there, taking the cab to the appartment and having a mjummy good home-made pizza (even home-made dough!!), I helped reinstalling Diana’s laptop – new, faster and bigger harddisk. The Windows installer was a bit of a bitch, so we continued on with linux, which was on pretty soon. Putting it to download all the packages for Debian and then to sleep… (bed waterbed-effect without water! :P)

The next day we packed up soonish and drove with Mum off to Rascafria, a little village to the north of Madrid, for the remainder of the week. It was a bit of a boring drive there, and then ofcourse finding the way in the village itself. It’s really a cute and pitoresque village, and it felt like going back a few deccenia in time :P
The house itself was a modern house, nicely built and roomy, with a nice bathroom and kitchen – which is important!
After unpacking all the stuff from the car we took a little stroll into the village, which has a has-been waterstream and so, did a little bit of necessary grocery shopping and then went back to the house, having dinner (pisto with eggs), watching some tv and bed!

On thursday we drove off to Segovia, further up north in Spain. It has a well-kept Roman Aquaduct, and lots of old beautiful buildings. We first got lost in the city centre with the car, finally got out (damn smalls streets!) and parked around 10-mins walk from the centre. Unfortunately it’s a pretty touristic city, but it’s nice nonetheless ;)
For lunch there we had the typical Segovian dish: Cochinillo Asado (Roast Pig), which is made in a coal oven until it’s so tender you can cut it with an eating plate! (which they did, and then trew the plate on the ground so you could see it was a stupid plain old porcelain plate). Verrrrrrry good. As soup we had Sopa Castellana (Castillian soup), which is a sort of broth, with lots of old bread, pieces of meat, olive oil, garlic and egg. Heavy, but good soup.

After lunch we walked around in the city more, looking at the Cathedral and the churches. After that we went back to the car, and drove home – happy and tired ;p Dinner that eve was home-made croquetas! Mjummy!

The next day was a quiet day at home, legs tired and all.. Just watched some tv, read some, overall restful day. We baked an orange cake too, which is like *droooooool* mjummmmmmmmmm….Dinner was stew with baked potatoes, good!

On saturday we went off to Buitrago, to see the Midieval Fair there. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too well, and it was too crowded to find a place to eat, so we bought some stuff and went back home. Lunch consisted of meat with pan con aceite (olive-oil bread). Quiet day too, overal. In the eve we had more croquetas, cheese and the bread. After watching some tv we went to bed.

Sunday we had to go back to Madrid, pack up everything in my own suitcase and leave back for Belgium in the early eve. The stays are always too short… but I’m going back next month!


(ps: pics can be found here)