To Spain and back again!

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I’ve spent the last 12 days together with my lovely girlfriend… Travelled off to Spain last week on wednesday, to find her in Barajas Airport. she came together with her mum to pick me up :) Had a lovely stay at the Abba Hoteles in the Pza. de Castillia, tho the elevators are a bit noisy there :(

I went along with her to uni, followed classes (tho I understood perhaps 1/10th of it, my spanish ain’t to good yet : , and it’s complex matter), stayed some time at her home and so…

On friday ‘eve we baked cookies together, and on saturday we flew off back to Belgium together… Watch out .be, here we come :P

Saturday evening I took her to meet some friends of mine, and en groupe we went to have dinner in a local Chinese restaurant, lovely dinner :).

Sunday was a relaxed day, more or less, with my sis + friend + kiddo’s coming over to my parent’s place.. We watched some old photographs (oh, the sentiment! The memories *snif*) but had a nice time on the whole…

On monday we went to Liège, saw the Christmas market there (lovely) and walked about a bit…

Tuesday we went to visit a friend in Maasmechelen, David… we met up at a shopping village (??!? – didn’t know that existed), and we trondled off to Maastricht, saw the Christmas market there too (boooo – crappy one) and had some drinks (after looking for half an hour to find a place to drink something, everything closes even at 6pm!!)

Wednesday was a bit quieter (stayed at home mostly), in the eve we went to Ghent, for xmas shopping, looking at the then-closed market… then went to Bruges, where the xmas-market was closed half already (only food and booze ones were still open), and back to Ghent for dinner in a veggy restaurant.

On thursday we drove all the way to Luxembourg (city, in Luxembourg country) were we met up with a Fenfen, a good friend… Had a nice time freezing and getting lost.. the old city looks nice, but everything closes too early. Guess it’s better during summer when it’s warm ;p

On friday we stayed home mostly, we baked cookies (mjummmy ;p), in the eve we went to Ghent for dinner in another veggy restaurant, and afterwards picking along “The Incredibles“, phun movie ;)

Saturday was very quiet, only a quick stop in Ghent to see the then-open christmas market, and to Bruges to get chocolates! CHOCOLATE RULES! :) :) >:) *cough* sowwy, got carried away. ;p

And today.. sunday.. well, we woke up, then packed her suitcase, since she has to go back home .. :( It was a very quiet day otherwise, and I drove her to the airport where she departed then at 17.25 to Madrid…

Miss you a lot, love, more then ever after this lovely time together.