Pegasi Web Server (pws)

PWS is the Pegasi Web Server, written from scratch in Java.

The project started as a project for the course of Networking at the Hogeschool Gent, by members/founders of the PegasiLUG.


Everything is documented in the distribution archives. Please check there.


Any 100%-compatible Java Runtime Environment (this _excludes_ the Microsoft VM!).
A computer with TCP/IP networking installed. (nearly always the case)

Latest release

The last release is version 0.2.3, and can be downloaded here, from SourceForge.

phpComics 0.4

This is a collection of scripts that allow you to download complete archives of web-published comics.


First off, to actually run this script you must tell it where the php binary is. Edit phpcomics.php and modify the first line to #!/path/to/php4 -q. On Debian Sid, this is /usr/bin/php4.

Then, edit the script for the comic you want to download, modifying these parameters:

  • $start_year = start-year
  • $start_month = start-month
  • $start_day = start-day
  • $end_year = end-year
  • $end_month = end-month
  • $end_day = end-day

or you can leave them to their default settings, which will get everything from the start of the archive to the current date.


  • PHP
  • wget (optional but recommended)
phpcomics-0.4-1.tgz (91 downloads)